Copyright Disclaimer

For Videos

Teaching Videos

Teaching Videos are generally left private or unlisted to protect student rightsholders.

In various teaching videos (lectures or masterclasses) I use several different types of content. The copyright policy and statement for that content is as follows.

Original Content

The original content used in the video is either copyrighted by Kyle Vanderburg (in his capacity as teacher or composer), by NoteForge LLC, or by the students represented in the video. All rights are reserved, including public performance.

Arrangements of Existing Material

As an IP rightsholder, I strive to protect the rights of other composers, artists, and creators. However, in order to properly teach instrumental arranging and orchestration, I must sometimes discuss the proper way to arrange existing material. We do this within an educational setting, with an emphasis on properly obtaining arranging and other rights if the work were to be performed or otherwise realized outside of an educational, classroom context. If you do not approve of the usage of content to which you hold rights, contact me to have the video removed.